InfoCredit invites you to training in the area of transfer prices. We offer open training, as well as dedicated training, tailored to the needs of your company.

Benefits for participants

In our trainings, we put emphasis on the practical application of the transferred knowledge. We train in a professional way, but at the same time accessible and with orientation for the maximum benefits for participants. We are distinguished by the combination of current knowledge, based on current regulations, with the best practices in the field of methodology and approach to the issues discussed.

Our trainers are practitioners in the area of transfer prices with many years of professional experience in both consulting, business and public administration.Sprawdź terminy szkoleń otwartych lub zapytaj o szkolenia dedykowane dla Twojej firmy. 

Open trainings

Transfer prices - news and changes 2022/2023

ok. 5-6 h

Training focused on practical discussion of changes in the provisions on transfer prices, which apply when documenting and reporting transactions carried out after December 31, 2021.

Transfer prices - a compendium for accounting offices

ok. 3-4 h

The scope of the training has been adapted to learn about the issues discussed to the extent that allows independent support of customers in identifying their duties regarding transfer prices. Thanks to the training, you will provide your clients with comprehensive information about their documentation and reporting requirements in the field of transfer prices.

Preparation of comparative analyzes - Practical approach

2 days (16 h)

Comprehensive training preparing to prepare comparative analyzes in the field of freight and service transactions. The 2-day training program includes learning the methodology for making benchmarks, based on data from external databases, as well as based on internal data. As part of the training, the process of preparing a comparative analysis for an example transaction at the Quick Analytics (TP) database will be presented as part of the training. Participants will also get to know the international TP Catalyst database.

How to prepare comparative analyzes using the Quick Analytics (TP) database - workshops

1 day (8 h)

Training focused on acquiring the ability to independently use the Quick Analytics (TP) database and its use to prepare comparative analysis for freight and service transactions. The training has a workshop formula, participants work independently on the basis of QTPA with support of the lecturer, preparing analysis for an example transaction.

Step by step transfer price documentation

1 day (8 h)

The training aims to prepare for independent preparation of local transfer price documentation, excluding the comparative analysis element. It includes the practical discussion of all elements of local documentation and the relationship between them, useful source documents, as well as the most common mistakes made when preparing local file.

TPR - how to prepare information about transfer prices*

Training entirely devoted to the issue of information on transfer prices. We will tell you how to fill in the TPR form in practice, we will check on examples reporting for less typical cases or special transaction conditions. There will also be a place to discuss the problems reported by the participants.

* Training available in the second half of 2023.


Training takes place at our headquarters at ul. Foksal 10 in Warsaw or in the online formula. The number of places for training is limited. In the case of training dedicated to your company, it is also possible to conduct training at your headquarters.



We also offer dedicated training in other topics in the area of transfer prices, tailored to the needs of your company. This variant allows you to adapt the scope of training to your individual needs, including to the level of experience of a given group of participants in the subject of training. Please contact me.


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