Quick Automotive contains the following information:

a) company overview
b) the rating of the analysed company and the maximum available credit lines
c) financial reports
d) a list of newly registered vehicles (in recent years), i.e..:
· date of first registration (coincides with the date insurance policy start date)
· make, model, year of manufacture, engine size
· number of registered vehicles
· registration town
· vehicle type and body type
· engine power, type of fuel, allowable total weight

Sample Quick Automotive report download here.

Quick Automotive databases

InfoCredit clients outsource the preparation of dedicated databases based on the above criteria. Example queries include:
· companies registering brand XXX cars over the last 3 years in Mazowieckie province (query by an importer of vehicles)
· companies with revenues exceeding 5 million zł registering vehicles in the first quarters of the past three years (an insurer's query)
· companies registering luxury XXX brand vehicles (question by a bank)
· doctors' surgeries using 3-5 year old cars (query from a leasing company)



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