With scope of information available in InfoCredit databases and extensive search criteria, you can create a perfectly personalized database of Polish or European companies. The Ordering Party determines the contents of the database in consultation with InfoCredit.

Example criterion:

Example criterion application:

1) Company legal form

"z o.o." and "spółki akcyjne"

2) Sector / industry

PKD2007: 5811 - Book publishing

3) Financial profile

Sales revenues between 4 and 40 million PLN

4) Geographical criteria

Province: Mazowieckie and City: Łódź

5) Creditworthiness

Good standing, the company settles obligations in due time, good growth prospects

6) International exchange: the volume and directions of export / import

Export of goods to Germany > 100 million PLN,

Import of goods from Russia > 50 million PLN

7) Owned vehicle fleet (quantity and age of vehicles, make, model and use)

Min 5 Ford PLGs, registered after 2010

8) Profile of obtained EU projects

Min 2 projects within the framework of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme

9) Financial reports auditor(s)

2011 auditor: ABC Audytorzy Sp. z o.o.


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