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InfoCredit is engaged in acquiring, processing, sharing and analysis of economic information and financial statements as well as prepares sectoral and trade reports and a database on Polish and foreign entities. The company has been operating since 1990 and has gained significant knowledge and experience in the field of information management activities supporting decision-making processes over the last 20 years.

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  • Quick Report
    Quick Report, an online database of commercial reports - a great tool for checking the reliability of contractors.

    Quick Report is a far reaching "family" of different commercial reports on more than 3 million Polish companies. The reports offer a standard set of information, supplemented by relevant additional data. They allow for a quick assessment of the payment history and the market position of potential counterparties. They are also used for marketing purposes.

    For more information.

  • Amadeus
    Europe-wide database of commercial reports and financial statements - a mine of knowledge for business.

    Amadeus, the international database, contains information on more than 20 million companies from 43 European countries. It facilitates complex sectoral analyses and business selection processes through the use of diverse criteria. It presents aggregated financial, registration, structure and capital ties data as well as a lot of other important business information. Amadeus is a widely used source of data on international transfer pricing benchmarking, industry and market analyses as well as marketing research.

    For those looking to swim with the other large European fish.

  • Tegiel
    TEGIEL (DVD), a nationwide reports and financial statements database - necessary to come to the right conclusions!

    The TEGIEL database, well known for 10 years, contains financial statements for more than 125 000 Polish companies. Many industry and sector analyses are based on it and it is widely used in benchmarking analyses. Available as a computer application on a DVD. The data presentation format is standardized for all companies, which allows for them to be compared with each other more easily. 

    Best for scientific analysis and research. 

  • Tailor made databases
    Specialized databases tailored to the individual needs of the client - for the most demanding.

    Information summaries dedicated to customers with non standard expectations. The purchaser is free to determine the selection criteria, the range of entities of interest and the contents of the database. Our standard products include: marketing databases, financial reports databases, audit databases. Financial data for the assessment of commercial risks are also available.

    Ideally adapted to your needs.

  • Trainings
    Training in the area of transfer prices

    We invite you to training prices. As many years of practitioners, we share knowledge by offering training on various issues in this area. We train in a professional way, but at the same time accessible and with orientation for the maximum benefits for participants. Our trainings are a combination of current knowledge, based on current regulations, with the best practices in the field of methodology and approach to the issues discussed. 

    Check open training dates or ask about training dedicated to your company. 

  • Benchmarking and analyses
    Research for analytical and tax purposes. For strategists, tax advisers and groups of companies.

    InfoCredit specializes in preparing of databases of entities comparable in terms of individually defined selection criteria and in statistical data analysis. We also put together a comprehensive benchmarking analysis based on Quick Transfer Pricing Analytics , an analytical tool (from selection through verification and statistical analysis, all the way to documenting the whole process in accordance with recognized standards). InfoCredit research is deemed to be a reliable source of information and valuable tax documentation support.

    The best support for strategists, tax advisers and tax managers.

  • Quick International
    Foreign commercial reports available on-line on companies from Europe and the United States. For importers, exporters and those planning to expand outside the borders of our country.

    An online database of international commercial reports contains current information on more than 90 million foreign companies from 19 countries. Quick International may be used for a quick credibility analysis of foreign contractors and the verification of their financial situation and capital ties to date.

    To get to know European partners and competitors.

  • Tailor made reports
    Detailed tailor made commercial reports - customised to the specific needs of every client.

    Special order reports are completed by the sue of tactics such as direct contact with the audited company and its business environment. The validity of information contained in such a report is verified every time using all data sources available to us (databases, registries, mass media, etc.).

    A thorough picture of competitors and business partners.

  • Quick Analytics
    An analytical tool associated with the largest national database of comparable entities, facilitating data analysis and aggregation. Ideal for creating benchmarking analyses.

    Quick Analytics is a specialized, complex tool, based on InfoCredit databases, designed for fast and efficient selection and analyses of comparison groups, which are used, amongst others, in transfer pricing analysis. Quick Analytics can significantly reduce the time needed to determine the market viability range in domestic intra-group transactions and its use in the drawing up tax documentation. The tool is used by leading tax consultancy firms and tax divisions of the largest groups of companies in Poland.

    A professional response to the needs of analysts.

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