Quick Report is a great way to acquire valuable business information. It shows a concise and clear summary of company credibility.

Quick Report contains key modern commercial report features: a compact and readable layout, a wide range of information and 24 hour availability. Furthermore, Quick Report is available in both English and Polish.

Sample Quick Report Basic download here (pdf file)
Sample Quick Report Premium download here (pdf file)
Sample Quick Automotive report download here (pdf file)
Sample Quick SMS express report download here (pdf file)
Sample Quick Roll report download here (xls file)

Quick Report content

Faced with the need to make a quick business decision we require a specific set of data. Just such data can be found in our Quick Report commercial report, which presents, among others:
a) registration data (year of incorporation, KRS, REGON, NIP, bankruptcy, liquidation information
b) company rating 
c) the contact details of the company (address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and website
d) a description of business activities (the primary PKD 2007 code with a description
e) graphs showing the most important items of the financial statements
f) financial statements covering the last 6 years depicting, inter alia:
• turnover, costs, profits, fixed and current assets, equity,
• short-and long-term liabilities, balance sheet total,
• as well as other components of the balance sheet and the profit and loss account.
g) overview ratio and sectoral analysis:
• liquidity ratios, company debt ratios,
• efficiency and company profitability ratios,
• the structure of capital and assets,
h) employment levels over the last five years,
i) members of the board, shareholders of the company,
j) the company bank, and other useful information 

Quick Report accelerates business decisions while reducing businesses costs. The wide range of economic information presentation in a compact form create an almost unlimited number of possible analytical and evaluative applications:

• quick and no nonsense summary of the activities of businesses
• assessment and ranking of the competition
• past and the future trends
• an analysis of different levels of activity using financial indicators
• examination of our partners' reliability

 Without doubt, Quick Report will help you find a solution for each of these tasks. And all that in a very convenient guise of an Internet service - available 24 hours a day without the need for time-consuming search for the required information. Quick Report - quickly, accurately and conveniently. Try it yourself!

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