InfoCredit is a private enterprise, active on the credit reference and statistical analyses of economic data market since 1990. 


InfoCredit prepares and provides reports on companies, financial databases, industry analyses, database tools for analytical purposes, including, among others, for transfer pricing benchmarking.


Data held by InfoCredit databases mainly comes from:

• financial statements provided by the National Court Register (KRS),

• financial statements published in Monitor Polski B,

• Court and Economic Monitor,

• debtors' registers,

• in house database,

• information from Partners and other businesses,

• other data sources (CSO databases and other).


The database built by InfoCredit contains, among others:

• detailed items from the balance sheet and profit and loss account for up to 15 years back,

• profit and loss accounts and cash flows statements,

• a detailed classification of activities (PKD2007) assigned to virtually all companies in the database,

• extensive information on existing links and capital structure.


Reliability and integrity of InfoCredit information stems primarily from our long-term experience in the industry and the strict, self-imposed sourcing, verification and processing European standards.


Our official partners include:

• legal and economic publishing house Wolters Kluwer , a leading provider information for the legal and business market. The unique Legal and Economic Service uses InfoCredit's databases.

• Belgian powerhouse amongst financial information providers, Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing, with whom, since 1995, we have been co-creating AMADEUS®, a Europe-wide database of financial reports, and ORBIS®, encompassing the whole world.


The most famous products include:

• the AMADEUS® database (a database of over 20 million companies across Europe),

• the TEGIEL® database (a database containing more than 125 000 reports by Polish companies),

• Quick Analytics (state of the art database tool combining the advantages of several products and services offered by InfoCredit).


We have enjoyed long term cooperation with our key clients:

• tax advisory and consulting firms,

• the largest Polish groups of companies (including energy, fuel, pharmaceutical),

who rely on us for accurate market databases and tools for permitting them to quickly and easily conduct various analyses.


InfoCredit hosts the cyclical "National Transfer Pricing Forum" event. This forum provides a platform for the exchange of information and experience between transfer pricing specialists largest groups of companies in Poland.

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