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Transfer prices - a compendium

for accounting offices

April 4, 2023


3-4 h

The concept of transfer prices, market price principle, related entities, controlled transactions, transactions with entities from the so -called "tax havens", homogeneous transactions and documentation thresholds, transfer price documentation (local, group, CBCR), TPR information, transfer price correction, restructuring in transfer prices, responsibility and sanctions at transfer prices

Transfer prices - news and changes 2022/2023

April 12, 2023
ul. Foksal 10, Warsaw

5-6 h

(including lunch break)

Reporting and documentation terms, transaction value and limits, exemption from local documentation, changes to Local File, TPR and a declaration of documentation, Safe Harbor for loan transactions, the Ord, transactions with entities from the so -called "tax havens", transfer price corrections, sanctions, new holding law and provisions on transfer prices

How to prepare comparative analyzes using the Quick Analytics (TP) database - workshops

April 20, 2023
ul. Foksal 10, Warsaw

1 dzień - 8 h

(including lunch break)

Workshops of independent preparation of comparative analyzes at the Quick Analytics (TP) database. Training participants work independently with the support of the host, preparing an analysis for an example of a service or goods transaction. Dedicated accounts at the QTPA database are provided for the purposes of training. The training also includes a discussion of a typical report on benchmarking analysis. Workshops intended for those who know the basics of the methodology for preparing comparative analyzes.

Preparation of comparative analyzes - Practical approach

kwietnia 2023

wtorek - środa

ul. Foksal 10, Warsaw

2 dni - 16 h

(including lunch break)

Comparative analyzes in the light of current regulations, data sources, elements of comparative analysis, use of data comparativeness criteria, proceedings in the absence of comparative data, profitability indicators-selection of indicator A used method of verification, impact of special events on comparative analyzes (Covid-19 pandemia, economic crisis ). We will present step by step the process of preparing a comparative analysis for an example transaction at the Quick Analytics (TP) database. Participants will also get to know the international TP Catalyst database.


The number of places for training is limited.

At the same time, the organizer reserves the right to determine the minimum number of participants at which the training will take place.

Hardware requirements: Participants use their own computers / laptops with the Microsoft Windows environment installed and the Office (Excel and Word) package.

We also offer dedicated training in other topics in the area of transfer prices, tailored to the needs of your company.


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