The Amadeus database was established and is constantly developed based on the long-term cooperation with the Belgian company InfoCredit Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing and more than 30 other, local credit reference agencies from across Europe. Each and every one of these companies provides economic data from local markets (usually spanning the entire country) in which operates the Amadeus database. Data from all these countries obtained in this way, is then validated, standardized and combined into one huge database. This furnished Amadeus database users with access the to a unique set of interrelated data with a wide range of applications.

InfoCredit is the exclusive Polish distributor of this product in Poland.

The key features of the Amadeus database are:
• contains information on nearly 20 000 000 businesses from more than 43 European countries,
• provides an extensive search facility of comparable entities and tools for their analysis,
• contains standardized, long-term data from financial reports,
• presents the structure of international capital ties between entities from different European countries and the rest of the world.

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