Report - Prepared on: March 2013

The world appreciates Polish furniture

This year's Furniture 2013 in Poznań trade fair was visited by 15 thousand visitors from 48 countries. The furniture industry is feeling the effects of the recession in Western Europe, but it has no intention of surrendering the inroads it made after Polish accession to the European Union. Now is the chance to be more competitive than Asia, because transport costs from Poland are much lower. We do not need to worry about quality.

Data from InfoCredit, a Polish credit reference agency, indicates that the best Polish export companies have taken over 40 foreign markets each. In 2012, the record was broken again in Polish exports. A temporary decrease in profitability does not threaten Polish top dogs in the longer term, if they maintain their presence on the foreign markets.

What are the main directions of Polish exports? How do Polish furniture companies cope? What are the advantages of Polish companies? What are their results?

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