Companies from the Poczta Polska Group paid 73.3 million PLN for CIT in 2021, and 210.52 million PLN from the InPost Group.

Rafał Brzoska's post caused a great storm in social media, and thus in the economic area. The CEO of Group compared the amounts of income tax paid to the Polish budget by its companies and companies with foreign owners. In the courier industry, InPost is the largest tax payer - in 2021 it paid over PLN 222 million to the CIT budget (despite significant investments), and all foreign competitors of Mr. Rafał Brzoska's companies present in Poland by about 60 million less.

We do not want to contribute to the discussion of who, why and how much should pay taxes in Poland. We are an analytical company specializing in, among others in providing tools and analysis regarding transfer pricing. Data and analysis are our specialty. So - let them speak.

Yes, the InPost Group is the largest CIT payer in the courier industry. Even the postage. To show this, we focused on Polish entities. We compared the results of the InPost Group companies with the results of the Poczta Polska Group companies. We adopted the methodology of the President of InPost and summed up the results of companies from both groups.

Revenues of the InPost Group companies (InPost sp. Z o. O., InPost Paczkomaty sp z o. O.) In 2021 amounted to PLN 4.6 billion. The revenues of the Poczta Polska Group companies are PLN 6.4 billion. The operating profit of the InPost Group is PLN 1.14 billion, and of the Poczta Polska Group - PLN 223.8 million. Gross profit: PLN 928.6 million versus 259.28. The relations in income tax for 2021 are as follows: PLN 210.52 million to PLN 73.3 million.

Of course, each of the companies has its own specificity, mission, etc. It is difficult to compare InPost with the Poczta Polska Group. Our role is to provide our clients with analyzes and hard data. What are we also doing. If you want to check how much and who contributed to the CIT budget - we recommend you.

InfoCredit – we provide data and analyzes, you draw conclusions.

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