A sharp increase in the economic activities of our neighbors in Poland in 2022.

In 2022, there was a significant increase in the number of new economic activities established by Ukrainian citizens in Poland. After February, many more of them were created than in previous years. It is mainly a service activity, and the most popular industry is hairdressing and beauty treatments. But not only. This year also IT specialists and IT specialists went to their job in Poland. A lot of activity (not less than in previous years) was also planned in construction and transport - according to a report by the InfoCredit analytical company.

By the end of 2021, there were 7 117 economic activities established by Ukrainian citizens in Poland, including 6 310 active ones. There has been a significant increase this year. By the end of August, our eastern neighbors submitted 9 374 applications for establishing a business, 8 446 of which are active.

- Economic activity, despite increasing burdens and constant changes in tax regulations, is still the simplest form of business. With a PESEL number assigned, with the help of volunteers and the support of officials, it can be arranged almost immediately. The cooperation of Polish and Ukrainian business in the reconstruction of our neighbors' country is still a topic of the future. Today our guests are trying to find their place in our country, also in business terms, because they want to be independent - says Jerzy Wonka, Development Director at InfoCredit.

Overall, in Poland, after a significant drop in applications for setting up a business from 26 567 in January to 21 792 in February 2022, there was another increase by approx. 5 000 in the following months. It can be assumed that this is the result of applications submitted by Ukrainians. At least partially.

Big cities as the main target

Our guests set up the most business activities where there is the best chance of gaining customers. No wonder that they most eagerly went to Warsaw and the largest cities. The distance from the border didn't matter. What mattered was an attractive market, a chance to arrange and find a flat in a decent way.

This year, the largest number of activities was established by the citizens of Ukraine in Mazowsze (2 262), Dolnośląskie (1 473) and Małopolskie (1 285) voivodeships. Pomorskie is 4th and Wielkopolskie 5th (1040 and 701 respectively). Interestingly - Śląski was missing from the top five (only 459 operations). Ukrainians established more activities in, for example, Zachodniopomorskie (493). In the voivodships located in the east of Poland, there was much less economic activity of our guests. In Podkarpackie 209, in Lubelskie 253, and in Podlaski only 59, even less than in Warmia and Mazury (61).

The main business and earning goal was, of course, Warsaw. In the capital this year, our guests have set up 1,764 new businesses. Kraków came second (1042), slightly ahead of Wrocław (1040). In Wrocław and Gdańsk, 434 and 417 businesses were added, respectively. Szczecin was much ahead of Łódź (314 against 237), and Katowice does not rank among the top seven most attractive cities for setting up a business according to Ukrainians.

Not only hairdressers and beauticians

In which industries were the citizens of Ukraine the most active this year? Contrary to appearances, these are not only women's specialties. It is a fact that the largest number of applications for setting up new activities, and definitely those, were submitted in the "Hairdressing and other cosmetic procedures" category (1131). In second place is the activity related to software, which can be successfully performed by both women and men. This year, there were many applications for establishing activities related to construction or transport, although in the latter case there were fewer than before (only 280).

- Women and children constituted the vast majority of the war refugees. Many men, however, accompany their families in our country or have simply not decided to return. So they could start a business when their families joined them, knowing that they would stay with us for longer - says Jerzy Wonka.

InfoCredit is a content partner of the conference "Europe - Poland - Ukraine. Rebuild Together ”, which will take place on October 5 in Warsaw. The organizers of the event are the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers and the Warsaw Enterprise Institute. More information:https://konferencjaukraina.zpp.net.pl/


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