Agnieszka Figiel

Agnieszka is an expert in the field of transfer pricing with many years of experience, which he shares by being responsible for training at InfoCredit and participating in the implementation of consulting projects.

From the beginning of her several years of professional career, she has been dealing with the subject of transfer pricing. She worked as a manager in Polish and international consulting companies, also in the "big four" companies, where she led numerous projects in the field of transfer pricing, including for the largest Polish and international capital groups operating on the Polish market. He also has experience as a financial auditor conducting audits of financial statements.

In the years 2018-2020, she was an expert and then head of the department in the Department of Transfer Pricing and Valuations at the Ministry of Finance, where she dealt with legislative projects (including the draft amendments to transfer pricing regulations, which entered into force in 2019) and was a delegate Poland on the forum of OECD working groups. She was also the Coordinator of the Transfer Pricing Forum, which is a unique platform for cooperation and exchange of views between the tax administration and taxpayers in the field of transfer pricing.Agnieszka jest członkiem Stowarzyszenia Centrum Cen Transferowych oraz członkiem grup roboczych Forum Cen Transferowych przy Ministerstwie Finansów.

She is a graduate of the Master's studies at the University of Economics in Poznań, she also studied at the University of Lethbridge in Canada.

Grzegorz Garbarczyk

Of Counselw InfoCredit, tax advisor (entry no. 12134)

Grzegorz is an expert in transfer pricing. He has unique experience in this area, dealing with this subject since 2002 - in consulting companies, as an expert in a large Polish capital group, as well as in public administration.

Grzegorz has been dealing with comprehensive transfer pricing consultancy for over a dozen years, including the preparation and verification of mandatory transfer pricing documentation, development and audit of transfer pricing policy, completion and verification of transfer pricing information (TPR), benchmarking analyses, advice on assessing the correctness settlements within capital groups - both at the local and international level.

As the head of the department in the Transfer Pricing and Valuation Department of the Ministry of Finance, Grzegorz was one of the authors of changes to the transfer pricing regulations, effective from January 1, 2019. He was responsible for coordinating work on the development of transfer pricing regulations (TPR), overseeing the implementation TPR-P and TPR-C forms, as well as issues related to reporting regulations Country-by-Country (CbC).

Grzegorz was a Polish delegate many times on the forum of OECD working groups, both in the area of transfer pricing, exchange of tax information with other countries and as part of the BEPS 2.0 project.

He is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and Postgraduate Studies in Foreign Service. He is also the author of many articles on transfer pricing.

Katarzyna Róg

For many years at InfoCredit as Transfer Pricing Manager.

Katarzyna gained her experience during many years of work in TAURON Group companies, where she dealt with tax issues, in particular in the area of transfer pricing. She participated in key projects in the area of transfer pricing in the TAURON Group.

At InfoCredit, he is responsible for comparative analyzes for commodity and service transactions, prepared on the basis of a database and a proprietary tool InfoCredit Quick Transfer Pricing Analytics® and an international base TP Catalyst.

Katarzyna is a member of the Transfer Pricing Center Association and the Transfer Pricing Forum working group at the Ministry of Finance.

She is a graduate of the Cracow University of Economics, the Warsaw School of Economics and Ernst&Young Academy of Business.

Grzegorz Adasik

Key Account Manager at InfoCredit.

Grzegorz has several years of experience in preparing reporting and analytical materials. He specializes in comparative analyzes for financial transactions (including loans, bond issues, liquidity management agreements, so-called cash pooling).

At InfoCredit, he is responsible for preparing complete benchmarking analyzes for financial transactions using e.g. Bloomberg database.

Grzegorz is a graduate of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) in Warsaw and Ernst&Young Academy of Business.

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