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In Poland, there are 14,786 entities linked to Ukraine by capital or beneficiary, including entities with at least one Ukrainian citizen on the management board. These are not only companies, but also associations and foundations.

The oldest of them was founded in 1901. Two more in 1948. However, the real breakthrough in contacts between our and Ukrainian business was the jointly organized EURO 2012.

14 335 – the number of entities with Ukrainian capital or personally related entities established in Poland since 2012.

The summed annual revenues of companies with Ukrainian capital or related companies (of course, those that provide results) amount to as much as PLN 18.1 billion. The revenues of the ten largest entities amount to PLN 4.44 billion, and the hundreds to PLN 9.93 billion.

PLN 12.54 billion - these are the assets of companies with Ukrainian capital in Poland or related to a shareholder or board member. The data concern entities that submitted a report for 2020. Their annual net result is PLN 577.8 million.

The vast majority of Ukrainian companies in Poland are micro and small companies. Among those that provide such data:

- 6120 are micro-enterprises;

- 574 small;

- 39 medium;

- 6 big;

- 2 very big.

Data on employment are provided by a small part of entities from the above-mentioned group. 1935 employs 17 602 people.

And what was the Polish business like in Ukraine in February this year, i.e. before the Russian aggression?

2 486 – the number of companies with Polish capital operating in Ukraine
459 – among them there were so many companies with 100% with Polish capital
1316 - that's how many of them gave information about the turnover
EUR 1.62 billion – these were the total turnover of 1,316 companies with Polish capital
28.4 thous. – so many people were employed by companies with Polish capital in Ukraine. Data was provided by 1186 companies

We prepared the data in connection with the conference "Supporting Ukraine's economic recovery: Polish and European financial instruments", which took place on November 28 in Kiev. The conference was organized by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP). InfoCredit was the content partner of the event. More about cooperation of our countries in report "Europe-Poland-Ukraine: Rebuild Together", which was published by ZPP today, i.e. on December 13, 2022. "Europe-Poland-Ukraine: Rebuild Together" is a program aimed at supporting the activity of Polish companies both in the context of rebuilding Ukraine and and ongoing cooperation with Ukrainian entrepreneurs.


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