Women account for 30.3 percent. positions in the management boards of Polish companies, 22.5 percent are the CEOs.

The pandemic and the last 18 months have completely changed business relationships and taught us to multitask. One thing has not changed. The number of women presidents and positions in the management boards of Polish companies is gradually increasing. Though maybe not as fast as everyone open to change would like it to be.

According to InfoCredit, an analytical company and the oldest Polish business intelligence agency (managed for over 30 years by the founder - Iwona Surdykowska-Huk), in May this year women occupied over 30 percent. positions on the boards of Polish companies. This is a significant increase since 2017, when it was 24.4%. The greatest increase has been recorded in recent years. In the spring of 2019, women accounted for 24.7 percent. Positions on management boards, in 2020 already 28.6%, up to 30.3%. Nowadays.

- You can see that the glass ceilings are gradually crumbling from year to year. Women are becoming bolder, more and more willing to start their own businesses and occupy the highest managerial positions. Shareholders of companies also increasingly appreciate their competences and see that business has no gender. The trend is clear, although it is clear that at this pace we will wait a long time to achieve equilibrium in Polish business - says Jerzy Wonka, InfoCredit's development director.

The pandemic of this trend has not changed. - Very good. Women adapted very well to the new reality, although it was not easy for all of us. Especially in families, where it was necessary to reorganize the work system, to take care of not only business relationships, but above all home relationships. And additionally, deal with the remote learning system for children - adds Jerzy Wonka.

How do these figures compare with Europe? There is still a lot to do here. In the European Union, women already occupy 37 percent. positions on management boards. Most in Ireland (63%), Finland (59%), Portugal (53%) and Sweden (50%). The lowest rates are in Denmark and Lithuania (22%), Greece (23%) and Malta (24%).

The number of women is also gradually increasing in the positions of CEOs of Polish companies, although here it is slower. In 2017, they accounted for 19.2%, in May this year 22.5%. the largest increase took place in the spring of 2018 (to 21.4%).

Geography doesn't tell you everything

It might seem that the largest number of women on management boards is in Mazovia. Large cities, including Warsaw, are usually the most open. They also offer the most business opportunities, because that is where the most businesses are registered. We forget, however, that Warsaw is an enclave in this respect and does not reflect what is happening in the entire voivodeship. Mazovia is at ... the tail end in terms of the percentage share in management boards of women in business (29%). Although women on management boards are definitely the most numerous in Poland, they occupy 90,596 such positions. Men as many as 225,342. In Mazovia, however, the largest number of businesses in Poland was registered.

Women have the largest share in the management boards of Polish companies in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodships (35%, 10,651 women, 19,709 men), Łódzkie (34%, 21,128 women against 41,901 men), Lubuskie (32%, 8,158 women). , 17,043 men) and the West Pomeranian Province (32%, 14,962 women and 31,287 men). The smallest, apart from Mazovia, in Podkarpackie (29%, 13,808 women, 33,320 men) and Greater Poland (29%, 35,032 women, 84,602 men).

Share according to PKD

We also checked the division of positions in the management boards of Polish companies according to the Polish Classification of Activities. The highest percentage of women is in the category of social assistance without accommodation (60%), legal activities, accounting and tax consultancy (51%) and other individual service activities (50%). The lowest in the category of hard coal and lignite mining (13%), metal ore mining (12%) and… public administration and national defense; compulsory social security (6%).

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Source: InfoCredit


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