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  • 24.5 percent - the revenues of the group of 8 companies from the Polish exhibition industry decreased in 2020 - according to the data of the analyzed companies, which have already published the results for the previous year.
  • The loss on sales deepened from PLN 9.8 million to PLN 83.99 million.
  • Interestingly - the net result of the group of 8 companies in 2020 was positive (PLN 14.8 million against a loss of PLN 18.8 million in 2019. This means that industry leaders quickly found a way to operate in the epidemic and were able to use aid programs
  • The broad trade fair and event industry estimates that real losses amount to PLN 2.5 billion.

The exhibition industry was one of the first to experience the restrictions related to the epidemic and was one of the last to have a chance to operate normally. In total, it was exposed to over a year of total stagnation. Trade fairs in the sanitary regime can be held from June 6. The problem is that holidays for the exhibition industry are a dead time. According to cautious estimates by the Committee for the Defense of the Exhibition Industry (KOBT), there is only about 35 percent left on the market. companies from before the pandemic, whose production capacity is now only 40%. The industry calls for help and a flexible approach to the epidemic situation. One that will allow her to survive the next wave. The more that the fair is not only large and well-known companies. They are also small entrepreneurs cooperating with the organizers of the fair - experts in sound and lighting, set designers or stage builders.

At InfoCredit, we have followed the results of companies from the exhibition industry that have already published reports for 2020. There are 8 of them. Their aggregated results confirm that it was a very difficult year for the industry. However, the leaders, despite a significant drop in revenues, managed to adapt to the new reality.

The revenues of the analyzed comparative group in 2020 decreased by 24.5%. In the case of the leaders, these drops are even greater - MTP revenues are 42 percent lower. However, it is worth paying attention to Ptak Warsaw Expo. The company's revenues in 2020 increased by almost 70 percent.

The loss on sales of the analyzed group deepened from PLN 9.8 million in 2019 to PLN 83.99 million in 2020. However, the operating and net result of the group is already in positive territory (operating PLN 28.2 million compared to PLN -11 million in 2019, net PLN 14.8 million compared to a loss of PLN 18.8 million in 2019). What does it mean? Firstly - a strong reduction of costs, secondly - taking advantage of the opportunities offered to the fair by the space for organizing facilities to fight the epidemic. And flexibility to take new actions.

- The results of the analyzed group confirm that large companies in the industry used the opportunity to change their activities to the maximum. However, this is only part of the broad exhibition industry. Smaller companies and entities cooperating with the fair faced the biggest problems. And they were on the verge of bankruptcy. This is not good news, because the competition in the industry will be much smaller after the epidemic, says Jerzy Wonka, InfoCredit's development director.

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