• After the promising first half of the year in the third quarter, Poles did not take matters into their own hands so willingly. The applications to CEIDG do not show any recovery, although the economy is booming. On the contrary, there is uncertainty.

  • In the first three quarters of 2021, 636,440,000 jobs were submitted. applications against 647 thous. in the same period of 2020, although it was the time of licking wounds after a sudden, deep recession.

  • In the third quarter of 2021, there was a significant increase in business suspensions - to 72.7 thousand. out of 48 thou. in the first quarter and 54 thousand. in Q2 there were almost as many suspensions as there were new activities.

The second quarter of 2021 and the entire first half of the year gave hope for the increasing inclination of Poles to establish new businesses. There has been a recovery in economic activity and a return to the situation that we observed before the epidemic (i.e. in the second quarter of 2019). The third quarter did not confirm this. Entrepreneurs are able to count, they can see rising operating costs. And it's not just about inflation...

In the third quarter, a total of 73 thousand jobs were established. new operations (compared to 79.5 thousand in the second quarter and 71.3 thousand in the first quarter), 39.2 thousand were closed. (compared to 39.4 thousand in Q2 and 47.4 in Q1). However, there has been a significant increase in suspensions. The renewals slowed down - 47 thousand. in the second quarter they dropped to 33.3 thousand. (31.1 thousand in the first quarter.

Taking into account the third quarter itself, year on year, the situation in new and closed operations has not changed significantly, although the economic situation is much better today than a year ago. There are much fewer renewals than in the previous year (in Q3 2020 there were 37.2 thousand), and there were many more suspensions than in the third quarter of 2020 (57 thousand at that time).

- After the first half of the year it could seem that in the following quarters the number of new activities will grow faster than last year, there will be more renewals and fewer suspensions. The economy has revived, the labor market is in a very good condition and wages in the enterprise sector are rising significantly. It might seem that there is a good opportunity on the market for independent specialists to go on their own and provide services for several entities, or simply - to start a business on their own. Meanwhile, we have a surprise - says Jerzy Wonka, InfoCredit Development Director.

In his opinion, this is not only the effect of waiting for the fourth wave of the epidemic and fears of further restrictions. - Today, as never before, entrepreneurs have to take into account the increase in operating costs. It's been a long time since we had such inflation. Material costs are rising significantly, not only for construction or industry. First of all, energy and fuels. We also do not know what ultimately changes in taxes and levies will apply next year. One thing is certain - business is simply afraid that it will bear the cost of the Polish Deal. And here, unfortunately, she is right - adds Jerzy Wonka.

What's next? InfoCredit's development director emphasizes that today a full-time job offers more stability than working on your own. Therefore, he does not expect the end of the year to bring more traffic to CEIDG.

How do we count the InfoCredit Index?

The InfoCredit indicator was created to track trends in micro-entrepreneurship, alternative forms of employment and self-employment at a time when the situation on the labor market and individual industries is changing dynamically. The index, which is compiled by the oldest economic analysis company in Poland, takes a positive value when there are more new activities than closings. When there is less than finished - negative. In the same way, we also track the relationship of resumes to suspended activities.




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